Best Behavior Dog Training

Angels of Assisi has several options to help you meet your dog’s behavioral needs. Our trainer Anthony Georgetti offers brief training clinics to deal with simple questions, 6 week courses to help you learn how best to communicate anthonytraining14with your dog effectively and 1 on 1 sessions for helping with specific needs or for those with unusual schedules. In addition, those who have adopted a dog from Angels can have their questions answered for free over the phone.

All of our training is based on positive reinforcement principles and rooted firmly in animal psychology.

Our focus is to help you have a better relationship with your dog by teaching you how best to communicate with him or her.

Phone Questions

If you have adopted a dog from Angels of Assisi we are happy to answer simple questions for you in person or over the phone.

We ask only that if the question will take longer than 5 minutes to answer that way we are able to divide our time with our clients effectively.

Questions must be able to be answered within 5 minutes or clients will be referred to a clinic or course.

Behavioral Cprofile-piclinic

Angels of Assisi offers behavioral clinics to work on behavioral issues or training tasks. At these clinics, dogs and owners can drop in and get a brief session to work on something specific. To hear about the next clinic, click here.


We teach courses to learn how best to communicate with your dogs. Course work includes basic skills and manners such as polite greeting, loose-leash walking, focus, sit, down and skills that relate specifically to the dogs in the course. Courses are kept small so dog-human pairs can get individual attention.

In addition Angels will offer occasional 1 day courses to address specific needs.


For questions about training or to sign up for a course, please write Anthony Georgetti at