National Partners

Angels of Assisi partners with national animal welfare organizations to help further our mission and assist in large scale animal rescue operations. Angels of Assisi does not receive routine funding from these partnerships.


aspca.jpgThe ASPCA is a national organization that deploys when requests come in from local authorities to assist in animal cruelty cases. The ASPCA deploys many times a year—17 times in 2014—to rescue animal victims of abuse and neglect around the country. Angels of Assisi assists in staffing temporary facilities to shelter and treat the animals, placing them in foster homes for rehabilitation, and placing them up for adoption once they’re ready.



HSUS.jpg Angels of Assisi has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States as an Emergency Placement Partner. Emergency Placement Partners are perhaps the most crucial element in the Humane Society of the United States' national mission to rescue abused animals. Emergency Placement Partners are part of a national mission to save animals from abuse. They have join HSUS's national network targeting large-scale animal-abuse cases—from hoarding situations to animal fighting or puppy mill operations.  After the HSUS removes animals from abusive situations, we work with EPPs to care for and place the animals. As local groups with access to local resources, EPPs provide the animals with veterinary care, rehabilitation, and ultimately, placement in lifelong homes.



best_friends.jpgAngels of Assisi has partnered with the Best Friends Animal Society as a No More Homeless Pets Network Partner. This network of animal welfare and sheltering organizations is committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption and spay-neuter programs. Together, we’re working to end the killing of healthy pets in our nation’s shelters. Through this partnership, Best Friends provides marketing materials for adoption specials and application based grant funding for spay/neuter and other programs to Angels of Assisi.